Software developers made a lot of efforts to make e-gambling exciting. They combined betting, playing, and provable fair technologies—machine algorithms that can be tested and analyzed to determine fairness. The result was gambling crash games.

In this article, we are reviewing the most well-known providers and crash gambling sites for you to play, win, but most importantly—have fun.

Crash Games Providers

What are Crash Games

Crash games are a type of gambling games. The round starts once the player makes a wager. The game continues as the gaming process goes on until at some point the game “crashes”. The moment of crash is calculated randomly which adds a bit of thrill for the player. From the start of the round to the moment of the crash, a wager multiplier keeps increasing, and the potential player’s prize grows. However, if the player does not make a withdrawal in time, they lose their bet.

How to Play Crash Gambling

Starting to play a crash gambling game is fairly simple. Choose a gambling site of your liking, create an account, log in. Then start the game you want to play, make a bet, win, and withdraw your reward.

Some games, like the Aviator we mentioned earlier, offer a demo mode where you can get accustomed to the controls and playing specifics. It will allow you to get used to the gaming process or test different strategies and determine which one you will use. However, playing demo mode has its drawbacks. Firstly, you are not winning real money, and seeing a large prize that you cannot withdraw can be a bit frustrating. Secondly, zero risks can make you reckless. Thoughtless betting will not do any good once you switch to playing for real cash. And, last but not least—without risking, you deprive yourself of the excitement that is an integral part of gambling.

How to Choose Crash Games Providers

Searching for the best platform to play a crash gambling game can be a tough quest. Naturally, the player wants to have the best offering and conditions, and be sure that their money and data will be safe; to have a welcome gift would be nice as well. So we have prepared a simple checklist for everyone who wants to have a good time and even better winnings.


If you transfer your money or cryptocurrency to recharge your account, you would not want your data leaking, right? Reputable online casinos are serious about protection measures and the prevention of security breaches. We recommend you choose licensed betting platforms with a strict verification process to ward off scammers. Hassle-free registration and anonymous gambling may feel nice but leave a lot of safety vulnerabilities.

Game offerings

Make a quick check of how vast is the choice of casino games on the website in question. The best ones would include the most popular titles, including Aviator. They are well-known and you can feel confident playing them. An addition of some new options also never hurts, so the gaming process will not become monotonous and mundane.

Payment Options

At their dawn, crash gambling games were mostly a gimmick of crypto casinos. Now, your betting options are not limited solely by cryptocurrency. Not every service provides an opportunity to bet with fiat money but finding one is not such a problem anymore. However, pay attention to the terms and conditions of every particular casino, as they can vary greatly. For example, some platforms accept cash but only allow bet BTC for crash games. Also, mind the withdrawal options.


Our personal favorite part of choosing a gambling site is bonuses. Do they offer a free crash gambling game round or additional cash for your account? Stay with the platform where you found the most favorable ones (or those that fit you personally).

Best Strategy for Playing Crash Games

And we got to the most interesting part—how to play crash gambling games to actually win money. Well, the first thing you need to remember is that such games have an average RTP of 95% to 97%. The second thing is that everyone has their preferable gaming style. Some like to go bold, and some prefer a more steady and reliable approach.

The trick with crash games is that the player has to guess a fine balance between losing the wager due to the crash and a small winning due to cashing out too early. But the third thing to remember is that in 1% of rounds, the crash happens instantly which guarantees the loss. This occurs because the moment of the crash is calculated randomly by the algorithm. Following the theory of probability, sometimes, it will be instant.

That is where strategies come in handy—they take the possibility of loss into account.

  • Martingale. Starting from a small bet, the user doubles the wager after each loss. Based on the probability theory and the assumption that winning is bound to happen at some point. Note that it can deplete your account pretty quickly before that moment but it is easy and provides good recovery for your expenses.
  • Reverse Martingale. To the contrary, the bettor doubles the sum after the win aiming to gain maximum profits from the winning streak. The strategy can indeed help you to win a large amount of cash if the winning streak is long enough (and the losing streak was not too long).
  • Fixet Bet. The user always bets the same amount of money. Simple, easy, and good for limited bankrolls.
  • D’Alembert strategy. The player somewhat rises the bet after they lose and reduce it after they win. In the long run, the strategy help to balance losses and winnings.
  • Fibonacci strategy. Made out of the Fibonacci sequence. Using this strategy, the bettor goes two sequence steps ahead with betting after a loss and one step back after a win. Less aggressive than Martingale, the strategy is meant to assist in recovering losses after some time.

Crash Games Tips and Tricks

  • Greed is your enemy. Leave colossal winning for Hollywood: casino mechanics works in that way they become an exception rather than the rule. Be modest with your wagers and thoughtful with your strategies.
  • Set a limit of money you can lose. After you reach it—you quit for next time and better luck.
  • Start with small wagers. Get used to the game, and get confident with your style.
  • Manage your bankroll. Some strategies imply that you have a streak of games in order to work out. If you only have money for a couple of bets, the strategy can become impractical.

Bonuses and Promotions

Here is a list of bonuses that one can get on various gaming services.

  • 1win matches your deposit 100% with the limit of €200, plus offers 50% and 25% matches for your second and third deposits respectively.
  • Rivalry also has a 100% deposit match as a welcome bonus.
  • Betway grants a crazy welcome bonus of $1000 and a 25% match of up to $250 for the first deposit the bettor makes.
  • 1xbet offers promo codes and deposit matches of up to 100% with nice and low wagering requirements.

Popular Crash Gambling Providers

Now, let us proceed to the list of the most reputable gaming entertainment developers.


Spribe created the famous Aviator game. Mines, where the player has to gather stars while trying to not get blown by a mine, is their other creation.


OnlyPlay specializes in instant win games and has been providing casino game services since 2007. An interesting fact about OnlyPlay games is that they get similar signature designs. Also, the developer has a mobile app that you can sync with your PC and switch gaming platforms at will.


BGaming offers a nice collection of more than 50 high-quality games on their HTML5 platform. They are creators of Rocket Dice and Space XY.

Gaming Corps

Gaming Corps is a game developers studio based in Sweden, Malta, and Ukraine. They create crash, mine, table, and slot games. Their most popular multiplier games are Jet Lucky 2 and Stormy Witch.


Crash games providers compete in making casino gaming brighter and more entertaining. Along with casinos providing various bonuses, they make betting an exciting and engaging activity while complying with provably fair tech solutions.


How do you play crash games?

Select a website where you are going to play, create an account, sign in, wager, and cash out in time to win.

Where Can I Play Crash With Crypto?

You just need to search for a crypto casino: a betting platform that accepts cryptocurrency. Pay attention to the particular currency they work with: some will only accept BTC, and some support only Ethereum cashout.

Is crash gambling legit?

They have 97% RTP and randomized algorithms so you really can win. The rest depends on the playing style and strategy and requires a bit of luck.

How does the crash game work?

The new round begins when the user makes a bet. While the round proceeds, the multiplier adds to their potential win. At some point, the game crashes, and if they did not withdraw the cash in time, they lose it.