Are you an avid gamer located in the Philippines? Then, you should have heard about the GCash option for payments. The majority of reliable and well-known online casinos provide it and players enjoy this modern and quick tool. Learn more about the best sites, where you can utilize GCash, as well as about this payment method.


How We Rank Best GCash Casino Sites

To create the proper ranking, we have taken into account the following features:

  • The presence of GCash among options for payment;
  • The variety and quality of games presented on the site;
  • The available bonuses, including those that are utilized for GCash;
  • Safety and the availability of license as well as other official documents.

This allows for making a trustworthy list and gives a chance for everyone to find the most suitable resource for joyful playing.

GCash Coverage

This payment method is one of the most widespread and popular in the Philippines. It is an online digital mobile wallet. More than 46 million people utilize it and this number is constantly increasing.

With GCash, one can control his finances via the mobile phone. It does not require a physical bank account. The user just gets his money directly on his mobile device and can use them for any type of online service, including casinos.

Moreover, the usage of GCash is not associated with additional fees. That is why it is so popular among gamers, and those clubs that provide it, go to the top of any comparison list.

Assortment of Games

The second valuable feature is the variety of gaming options. The modern gambling world is quite quick and fascinating. Something new constantly evolves. At the same time, there are traditional popular games that users are often looking for.

Thus, the assortment must satisfy any gamer and bring the ability to select a great gaming option for everyone.


Furthermore, it is important to evaluate bonuses and promotions. With their help, one can gain even more. Thus, it is advisable to follow them. For instance, with GCash, one can enjoy a welcome and reload bonus, as well as a cashback option.


Last but not least is the security of the online establishment. When you provide your personal data, you have to be sure that they will stay safe. In addition, safety covers the withdrawal matter. If you are going to play with real money, then you also need to trust the casino.

That is why the top list includes only reliable clubs with necessary licenses, a history of work, a big audience and professional customer support.

What is GCash

GCash was launched in 2004 and its current owner is Mynt. Previously it was Globe Fintech Innovations as a part of Alibaba Group, a large Chinese payment operator. This project was specifically created for people without a physical bank account. Thus, they get a perfect opportunity to deposit cash directly into such a digital wallet.

Nowadays, even users, who have bank accounts, enjoy the advantages of GCash and join this system as digital payments become our reality and are often necessary for everyday life.

GCash utilizes the local languages and currency. In addition, all of the biggest banks in the Philippines cooperate with this system. Therefore, its users can top up their accounts via banks or retail outlets.

Why Choose GCash

The main reasons to start using this great payment method are as follows:

  • it is quick and convenient, you can control your money using the mobile phone anytime from any place;
  • it is absolutely safe, as the system protects both your personal data and funds from any fraudulent activity;
  • it is widely utilized in the Philippines, for instance, all reliable casinos not only have this option but also provide special bonuses for their users.

Altogether, those who want to stay modern and keep up with current trends should try this system to feel its preferences over traditional banking.

Features of GCash

The greatest features of this system are as follows:

  • the creation of an account is easy and does not take a lot of time;
  • the user can select basic or full verification depending on his needs;
  • all digital payments are easily available here;
  • the transactions are processed instantly;
  • there are special possibilities for investments.

During all these procedures, the user can stay sure of the data security and reliability of the system. It is always at hand. Moreover, the app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. In case of any issues, professional support is always ready to solve them.

Set up a GCash Account

There are two ways for a GCash account creation. First, one can utilize the dedicated GCash app that works on both Android and iOS mobile phones. The following procedure must be performed:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Open it and fill in the mobile number.
  3. Type in the 6-digit authentication code. There is an option to resend if it did not come from the first time.
  4. Fill in the required personal details.
  5. Utilize the referral code from another user who referred you. In this case, both of you receive PHP 50.
  6. Create a 4-digit Mobile Personal Identification Number (MPIN).
  7. Carefully read the terms of the system and agree to them by clicking on the corresponding button.
  8. Proceed to Login and launch your new account with your credentials.

Second, there is a way to dial *143# and create an account through the following steps:

  1. Dial *143# using your mobile device.
  2. Select the GCash among available options and click Send.
  3. Select registration.
  4. Create your MPIN and enter it twice for verification.
  5. Fill in the personal data that are required.
  6. Confirm your previous actions.
  7. Download the GCash app, install it and log in with the created credentials.

In a nutshell, the procedure is more than easy and every user will be able to cope with it. In the beginning, the system does not require any special documents or other tiresome bureaucracy.

After the registration, you also need to verify the account. There are two options for this, namely Basic and Full Verification. The first one you get automatically and if you wish, you can proceed with the second one. The latter provides access to higher limits and a bigger variety of features.

Anyway, it is quite easy and comfortable to set up this account and begin to use it. After these steps are done, you only need to replenish the account and start to make quick digital payments.

Safety tips

While using the platform, it is important not to share any of your personal details. Especially valuable are your MPIN and other credentials that you utilize to log in to the system. Therefore, protect this data and do not store them in any available places. Better to keep them in mind and stay secure.

GCash Customer Support

Those clients that have any questions or issues regarding the service should contact the friendly and professional support team through one of the following channels:

This service works from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. During this time, you can use the phone or chat. As for email, it can be sent anytime. The maximum response time will take 24 hours. However, usually, the team contacts you earlier, so you will not need to wait for too long to solve the problem.

Deposit Funds Using GCash

After you have created and verified your GCash account, and replenished it with funds, you can proceed with depositing at the chosen online establishment. The exact procedure depends on the selected resource. Still, they are somehow similar and look as follows:

  • Choose a legal online casino that accepts GCash payments and register with it.
  • Find the deposit page a select GCash to do this.
  • Fill in the amount and details of your account. Submit this data.
  • Open the app and approve the action.
  • After the successful completion of the transaction, you will be redirected back to the casino site.

On average, it takes minutes to perform this action. Afterward, you can proceed with your favorite games, play and win.

Withdraw Winnings Using GCash

Furthermore, successful winnings are associated with withdrawals. This can be also done via the GCash system. For this, you have to do the following:

  1. Find the Withdrawal section in your casino profile.
  2. Select the amount you wish to get and GCash as a payment option.
  3. Submit the request.

Such a transaction may take from 2 to 3 days depending on the amount. Thus, it may be advisable to withdraw smaller amounts in several steps to make it quicker.

Best GCash Casino Bonuses and Promotions

At last, it is worth keeping in mind that GCash utilization is associated with certain bonuses and promotions. This payment method is quite popular and reliable, but you can benefit from it even more with the following options.

Deposit Bonus

Welcome or deposit bonus is the most common and popular option. All the reputable casinos provide it and are very generous in their amount. This works as follows:

  • You register a casino account, log in to the system and make your first deposit.
  • The system awards you with a bonus equal to this deposit. Usually, there is some upper limit, which you should check in the rules.
  • Then you have to complete some rollover requirements and get your winnings together with a bonus.

Another thing to check is the availability of this bonus for GCash payment. In most cases, they work together, but it is better to read the rules beforehand.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonus is similar to a deposit deal. They have almost the same format, providing you with a bonus after a deposit. Reload option is just applicable to existing customers, who make new and new deposits while using the service.

The amount of this bonus is usually smaller. However, there may be no limits to their availability. In addition, the range of compatible payment methods is usually wider and always includes GCash. Therefore, no matter how long you play, you can profit from this type of bonus.


Of course, when you play, there is always a possibility to both win and lose. However, in reliable online clubs, even the losses can be turned into profits. That becomes possible due to the Cashback option.

It ensures a certain percentage of losses across, for instance, a week, with your rebate. There are no rollover requirements and such cashback usually works with different payment methods, including GCash.


To conclude, modern digital payment systems are not only quick and convenient but also safe. At least, this is absolutely true for GCash. For the Philippines, this option is one of the best and the most widespread. Thus, players of the casinos can also benefit from its utilization. There will be no more worries with depositing and withdrawing, and the personal data together with funds will stay protected.


Which is the best online casino in the Philippines using GCash?

Many online establishments have introduced this payment method. Among the best, we should mention 20Bet, IceCasino, BizzoCasino, VulkanVegas, GGbet, NationalCasino, 7Bit, Hellspin, RickyCasino and IviBet.

What casino is paying out the most right now?

The payments vary and depend on the game chosen. For instance, 20Bet and RickyCasino provide quite profitable conditions.

What is the number 1 best online casino?

It is a challenging task to select the one because much depends on the individual preferences. 20Bet, IceCasino, BizzoCasino, VulkanVegas, GGbet, NationalCasino, 7Bit, Hellspin, RickyCasino and IviBet are worthy options to consider.

What casino apps pay out real money?

All the licensed in the Philippines online clubs have transparent payment systems and provide seamless withdrawals of all winnings.

Is it safe to make an online casino GCash payment?

Yes, this system is absolutely safe and reliable. The service gives the highest possible level of protection for its users, for both personal data and funds.