Casino games are cool because you can play and make money simultaneously. But they can be unnerving for the very same reason! If one makes a mistake because of not being accustomed to the game’s particularities and best strategies, one can lose money quickly. And, as if it was not enough, you do not even know if you will like the game until you play it!
And this is where demo games come in, such as the Aviator Demo game.

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What is Aviator Betting Game

The Aviator betting game was launched in 2019 by Spribe. It gained hundreds of followers and fans because of the combination of the following factors:

  • Randomness. The player never knew how much time they’ve got, and the suspense is exciting.
  • Simplicity. The Aviator casino game is easy to figure out, and we love when games allow us just to have a good time without overthinking things.
  • Graphics. It is no Horizon Zero Dawn, surely, but the game’s interface is quite catchy. It is bright and pleasant to look at.

After you place a bet and begin to play, the aircraft in the game starts flying, and the multiplier bar grows as it goes on, boosting the sum you can withdraw. Your purpose is to hit the “cash out” button and withdraw the money before the aircraft crashes. The gimmick is that the moment of the crash is randomized, so no one ever knows when it will happen. For those who like safe betting, the money prize will be moderate. Those who would like to win a lot are facing bigger risks.

And Aviator online demo is the same game with a minor distinction: the player is having fun not making real money. The demo mode of the game is free, and you can enjoy the thrill or test a theory about strategy and avoid risking your bet.

Aviator Game Features

Aviator Demo Game

The Aviator casino game demo usually offers the same features as the original except for real-money betting, of course. Keep in mind that there can always be some exceptions in the particular version of the Aviator your platform is offering. However, the list in general speaks volumes in favor of the game! For example, it has:

  • Autoplay option. For those who do not want to think of the betting process, Aviator has the option of placing the bets automatically. Just set the limitation on the amount, and the game will do the rest.
  • Auto Cash out. Same thing but for Cash out action. The player sets the amount of “money” they are comfortable with, and the game will withdraw it at the appropriate moment.
  • Animation, ambient music, sound effects. As we said, it is not an AAA gaming title but playing Aviator is really fun and cool.
  • Quick bet feature. Waste no time while playing with the quick betting option. Just click the button with the fixed value to place to bet.
  • Double bet. Allows you to place two bets in the same round. The option works best for the skilled players, of course, but what is life without a little risk?
  • Connection and socialization. Live chat and the ability to check the biggest winnings, multipliers, and luckiest players is a fresh feature that differentiates Aviator from other casino games.

Honestly, we would say that the existence of the Aviator demo is a feature in itself! Not every online casino game grants you a chance like that.

How to Play Aviator Demo Game Online

If you want to try the game out, make a decision on what service you want to play, create an account, and find the Aviator Demo slot. Make your bets, the game will start with the aircraft flying, and then you need to cash out before it goes down.

Game Rules

The player must set the bets before the aircraft departs and crashes. Your maximum winning would be the lucky bet multiplied by the coefficient that grows while the plane flies. Each round lasts half a minute; then, the player must place new bets, and the aircraft continues its course.

How to Place a Bet in Aviator Demo

To bet, find a big green button at the bottom of the control panel (its name should do the trick for you). Set the amount you want to bet or hit the “auto” button to make the bets automatic. Hit the button to confirm the bet.

Where to Play Aviator Free Demo?

In the beginning, the Aviator was a thing only for the platforms aimed at betting with cryptocurrency but now you have a wide choice of services that offer different bonuses for beginners. Here is a short list of services we liked the most:

Aviator Demo Benefits

The main benefit of the Aviator slot demo is that it gives you a chance to test the craziest strategies or just enhance your gaming skills and prevent losing money on unfortunate bets! Be careful when you switch to the real mode, though, it is easy to forget that you are betting the real cash and get a bit reckless.


Aviator Demo is a free-to-play Spribe Aviator version where the player can experiment with a fresh approach or just get confident with the gaming operations. Its most valuable feature is that the user does not place real-money bets so they do not have any risk and can just practice while enjoying the game.


Does Aviator have a demo?

Yes, it offers a costless demo mode, easy to find in the game’s section.

How do you practice the Aviator game?

The player has an opportunity to test all the tactics they are interested in the demo playing mode when they are not betting actual cash.

Where to play Aviator demo?

It is accessible on the official Aviator’s site or any casino service of the user’s liking (provided it offers the Aviator).

Is Aviator game legit?

Spribe has appropriate licenses and certifications and there is a real chance to win, so yes, it is.